Weddings in Sicily


Wedding in Noto: the beautiful bride

Here comes the bride: The beautiful bride in Noto 11 April 2015 is waiting to enter the baroque cathedral with her father.



Wedding in Noto

Little boy with big job to do. Going up the impressive stairs of the cathedral in Noto before the wedding (Saturday, 11 April 2015) with the wedding rings.



wedding photographer, Taormina

The Wedding photographer in Taormina.



Taormina wedding in Chiesa di San Giuseppe

Wedding couple outside the church of San Giuseppe (piazza IX Aprile on Corso Umberto), Taormina.



Wedding Car, Gibilmanna

The Wedding Car. In front of the Sanctuary at Gibilmanna, not far from Cefalù. Behind the church is the interesting museum.



Wedding in Noto cathedral

Here comes the bride with her father. The cathedral in Noto.

Photo: Per-Erik Skramstad / Wonders of Sicily



wedding in Noto

Oh dear! Oh dear! What am I doing!?





wedding Sicily

Who stepped on my veil? Wedding in Syracuse, June 2014.

Photo: Torild Egge


Calandra and Calandra


In every culture, marriage is a moment of happiness and joy. In Sicily it is also a moment where families can demonstrate to other their "greatness", and so the two brothers Calandra and Calandra show this curious aspect with a song and a funny music video that emphasizes the various characters and what happens during the church ceremony and the feast in the restaurant. But the song was inspired by a legend of a woman in love of a poor guy. Her family didn't want this inconvenient marriage so they forced the girl to get married to another man. After some years, she became widow and decides to marry her true love! So he said in the chorus, "Senza tuppu un t'appi... cu lu tuppu t'appi Senza Tuppu un t'appi cu lu Tuppu t'appi comu t'appi t'appi". That means he had her heart both when she had loose and collected hair. In fact a girl with loose hair simbolize that she is free and old enough to find an husband, while with collected hair means that she is not free anymore. (Laura Leonardi)



wedding photo monreale sicily

Wedding in Monreale's magnificent cathedral.