La rocca di Cefalù

La rocca di Cefalù.


Cefalù boasts the magnificent Rocca di Cefalù, a stunning mountain overlooking the town. The area's rich history dates back to prehistoric times, with evidence of human activity found in Cefalù. One notable ancient structure is the Temple of Diana, a sacred megalithic building constructed in the 5th or 4th century BC, which was built atop a preexisting cistern associated with water worship.



Following the decline of the Roman Empire, the inhabitants of Cefalù sought refuge on the mountain to seek protection from successive invasions by pirates, initially from the Vandals and later from the Saracens. During the Byzantine period (7th-8th century AD), defensive walls and various structures were erected near the Church of St. Anna. However, in 857, Cefalù fell under Saracen rule.


La rocca di Cefalù




The view is breathtaking.


One of the many ruins you will see on the Rocca.



Temple of Diana

Temple of Diana

The Temple of Diana (5th-4th century BC).

The so-called Temple of Diana (Tempio di Diana) is a megalithic building dating back to the 5th or 4th century B.C. The cistern is even older (9th-8th century B.C.), and is associated with the worship of water.




A vibrant poppy gracefully blooms amidst the rugged rocks of the Temple of Diana, adding a touch of natural beauty to the ancient site.


Church of St. Anna

Chiesa di S. Anna, Cefalu

Chiesa di S Anna (9th-10th century AD). During the Muslim period in Sicily (827–1091), Christians were still allowed to practice their religion.



The Rocca and the Cathedral


The Norman Cathedral in Cefalù

Cefalù with the Norman Cathedral seen from La rocca di Cefalù.


Norman cathedral in Cefalù, Sicily

The awe-inspiring Cefalù Cathedral commands a striking position in front of the majestic Rocca di Cefalù mountain. Known as the Duomo Basilica Cattedrale, this remarkable structure holds immense significance as one of the most prominent architectural gems of Norman rule in Sicily. The cathedral's construction was initiated by Roger II in 1131, further solidifying its historical importance.


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Cefalù certainly was a beautiful city even in the mid 1800's. Here a detail of a painting hanging in the Museo Mandralisca in Cefalù. It was painted by Francesco Tenuta Bevelacqua (1814-1858).


La Rocca di Cefalu and the Norman Cathedral

Looking up to the mountain from on the Norman Cathedral.


Life and death – past and present

La Rocca di Cefalù, Sicily

Goat family living on the south side of La Rocca di Cefalù.


Insect life on the Rocca di Cefalù.


La rocca di Cefalù

La rocca di Cefalù seen from the cemetery.


Cefalù cemetery


Ruins on the Rocca di Cefalù

Ruins on the Rocca di Cefalù.


La Rocca di Cefalu

La rocca di Cefalù.




Cefalù, La Rocca

Girls relaxing. La rocca di Cefalù in the background behind the pittoresque fishermen’s houses.





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La Rocca, Cefalù

La Rocca di Cefalù: The mountain forms a dramatic and spectacular backdrop to Cefalù.


military barrack

Building from the 16th century, probably a military barrack.



Deserted building (no information available) on the south side of the mountain. The photo was taken from Villa Caterina.


Aleister Crowley’s Abbey of Thelema is located quite close to the Cefalú Stadium

Aleister Crowley’s Abbey of Thelema is located quite close to the Cefalú Stadium.




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The distance between Cefalù and some other cities in Sicily

Cefalù-Palermo 69 km
Cefalù-Siracusa 249 km
Cefalù-Agrigento 134 km
Cefalù-Noto 275 km
Cefalù-Taormina 207 km
Cefalù-Catania 199 km
Cefalù-Trapani 169 km
Cefalù-Corleone 104 km